DAV ACC Public School
Kymore, Katni, M.P.
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Dear Readers,

Education is the fourth basic pillar of the society after food, clothing and shelter. On one hand, the society impact education and on the other hand, education influences the society.We being a part of teaching fraternity, aim at shaping and moulding those wellrounded persons, a separate class of individuals, who will gradually turn into a superior batch of professionals, churning oceans of revolution. They will be known for what they really are and not by their percentiles alone. They will be wellequipped and armed to take on the big, bad world, which, with their positivity and resourceful endeavours, they will be able to metamorphosize into a better place to live in.Overcoming the existential crisis shadowing the innate talents of many a talented student today, these brilliant stars will shine in all fields. These are our dreams. We have made ‘Dreams transfer into thoughts’ and are striving to make the ‘thoughts result in action’. Towards the commitment and realization of our dreams, we have made the school a breeding ground of innovation. Children carry seeds of creativity in them and the school provides them a climate conducive to the flowering of their creativity impulse. We integrate a culture of enquiry in them. We give air and water to their imagination. We focus on thinking skills, competence and multidimensional work-skills. We inculcate humanity and value education. We promote physical education, environmental education and life skills education. We cherish an e-learning, environment ‘armed’ with technology. We give them new sets of eyes, new vision and the new vision generates the best in every field.Change is the law of nature. And today when the entire world is going Hi-Tech we cannot expect the tastes and likings of people to remain unchanged. Change and transformation for the good is always a healthy sign. But when the change leads to the loss of finer sensibilities, it is definitely a time to worry. With many technological distractions (Internet, Mobile etc.) books are forced to become showpieces in the show cases of the library almirah. Thus it becomes our responsibility to make the children realize the importance of reading; books are store houses of knowledge and entertainment more than that they are friends unmatched. Only as long as one has not got the taste of reading, he can stay away from books. Then the thirst for reading grows and grows… A good piece of literature has the potential to metamorphose a person into a new entity – a richer individual, a better and finer human being. With our unceasing efforts we are awakening that thirst and a spirit of enquiry, by providing a good library housing a wide-range of books and journals. In all our endeavours towards realizing our dreams, we have been, and are being constantly helped and guided by our worthy Local ACC Management and our Asst. Regional Director. We owe our sincere gratitude to them. It is because of their support that we are deriving vigour and zeal, to accomplish our great mission. 

A. K. Mishra